Arugula and Lentil salad

Before the last of the warm weather hitchhikes south allowing us all to indulge in the comfort foods of winter, I wanted to share this quick and easy salad recipe.

It came about mostly because I had arugula which needed to be used up and while I do love arugula for its peppery bite, any kind of greens would work. I also had these and these partying in the back of the fridge just longing for an occasion to show off.

I added mozzarella balls because that’s what I had, but I bet goat cheese would be pretty fabulous too. I tossed all that together with some balsamic vinaigrette and put it into bowls.

Finally, I added some lentils because I had just discovered that you can buy lentils in a tin and so had some on hand (yep, one of those crazy rock your world discoveries).

I was so charmed by the results that I’ve made it several times since.

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