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~The unofficial end of summer is upon us. Of course if you live in the South summer doesn’t end until, oh, mid-Octoberish. No need to be jealous though, pretty soon we’ll all be experiencing long, hot summers. Some of us believe that. Some of us don’t. Some of us have known about it for a very long time. Crazy.

~Speaking of crazy, this is a great weekend to see Crazy Rich Asians if you haven’t already. It’s a gorgeous movie. Gorgeous people, gorgeous settings, gorgeous parties. And then there’s Awkwafina who slices right through all that gorgeousness with her slightly unhinged hilarity and steals the show. It’s a rom-com (not usually a fan) but setting that aside this is a sparkly little gem of a movie. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get up and throw away your empty popcorn bucket when it’s over ’cause the beginning of the credits are fun to watch.

~If bright, cheerful and happy are not your thing, skip Crazy Rich Asians and do a little reading. Still plenty of crazy to see here. Be forewarned a strong stomach is needed for this, this and this. Or maybe a strong drink. Try this one because the crazy is real folks. Geez, so much crazy in just one week

~If happy children do chores, then mine must be as miserable as sin. Apparently it is a two step process: insist and persist. In my house there is a step three: collapse in a corner and weep with frustration until you do the chore yourself. Henceforth, my resolve is strengthened.

~And finally, if you’re looking for an easy appetizer, try whipping up some roasted figs with goat cheese and prosciutto. They play nicely with this drink.

Cut an X into the top of some figs and poke in a bit of goat cheese.

Wrap some proscuitto around, drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and bake at 425˚F for 25-ish minutes. These…

turn into these little beauties. I like to drizzle them with some balsamic vinegar syrup.

I used a dozen figs, 4oz goat cheese and 1/4lb of prosciutto, cutting each slice in half lengthwise to wrap around the fig.

Enjoy the (long) weekend.


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